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+49 (0) 421 69 19 78 38
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Kurierdienst in Deutschland Weltweiter Kurierdienst Kurierdienst Europa Die Transportretter Kurierdienst aus Bremen
24h Telefon: (04 21) 69 19 78 38
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Direkt vor Ort in: 28816 Stuhr / Brinkum - 28217 Bremen - 49453 Wetschen
In Bremen, in Hamburg, in Friesland, in Deutschland, nach Holland, nach Frankreich, nach Italien, nach Österreich, in die Schweiz, nach Spanien, nach Portugal, nach Schweden, nach Norwegen, nach Dänemark, in die USA, nach Südamerika, nach Asien, aus China, nach Australien, nach Kanada ... und auch an jedes andere Ziel...Wir machen Kurierfahrten, Botenfahrten, Botendienste, Auslieferungen, Luftfracht, Expressdienst, KEP, Pakete, Fracht, und eilige Dinge liefern wir sofort.
We are the leading courier service in northern Germany,
Die Transportretter are not even the leading partner in and around Bremen for time critical logistics, courier and messenger trips or emergency logistics but...
... faster: We operate our own fleet and work with our own staff here from Germany. As we do not work with substitutes or eastern european "driving slaves" we do not waste any time when you call us. Normally we start our courier trip within at least one hour after your call, whatsapp or email.
... more flexible: We use only our own staff and fleet without any exeption, only if an onboard courier is needed or we are asked to use an overnight system we will work with well known and relieable partners. Our staff is equipped with iPhones and a realtime gps tracking device, so we can react within seconds at issues or can make changes in everthing without delay.
... more specialised: We do the basics like bringing items from a to b by car, van, scooter, bike or train but we are specialised in the more difficult things, like ship supplies directly on board, offshore deliveries, dangerous goods or deliveries on wind energy poles ...for example.
Please simply give us a call at +49 421 69 19 78 38 or an email at [email protected]
Pls feel free to contact us 24 hours a day at +49 421 69 19 78 38
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